IB 2020

Innovate Barbados: Caribbean Edition expands to include the wider Caribbean as we use the issues and challenges we face in our region as catalysts for innovation.

Caribbean people have an urgent need to create solutions that help us to adapt to climate change and capitalize on our natural resources in ways that can benefit us and people beyond our shores.

Innovate Barbados: Caribbean Edition inspires entrepreneurs, investors, dreamers, dream-makers and public and private sector agencies on an international level to all connect, collaborate and create with a focus on advancing our blue and green economies.

"I had some very meaningful conversations with people from Dominica, Barbados, Jamaica, the UK, the US… that will no doubt lead to innovative collaborations across the Caribbean and beyond.”

Jason Lindsay, Full Circle Animation

Innovate’s Blue-Green Caribbean curates a series of activities, competitions and other initiatives. These culminate in two days of intensive opportunities.

to One

Exclusive meetups with conference presenters and industry experts for valuable conversations.


Foundational talks critical to a holistic understanding of the featured theme.


Paradigm shifting talks that challenge the status quo.

with Giants

Learn how small companies with big dreams beat seemingly insurmountable odds.


Practical innovation, know-how and techniques for building smart businesses.


Perspectives of innovators and entrepreneurs who have challenged conventional thinking and won.


Dive into bleeding edge thinking and technologies and the opportunities they present for growth and resilience.

Real World

Take a practical and hands on approach to evolving solutions around a relatable problem.

Blue Flame Challenge

A competition that brings multidisciplinary teams together to address real problems. Culminating in a presentation from the winning team at the conference.

Race for Space

A competition geared towards providing working space for small businesses with big ideas. Culminating in the presentation of the winner at the conference

Tiny Talks

Snappy talks that give individuals with a great idea a platform to share and gather support

Blue Spark Challenge

A pared-down Blue Flame Challenge for children, the Blue Spark Challenge encourages primary school children to think creatively about problem-solving with an innovation competition

"Thank you for an amazing experience. The conference was extremely well put together, kudos to you and your team for a project well done.”

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, The Destination Experience, Tech Beach Retreat

Join the Ecolution! Learn more and partner with us in this journey.

Mr Modou Diagne

Mrs Fern Lewis

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